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The Nathan Yip Foundation was founded in 2002 by Denver residents Jimmy and Linda Yip, after they tragically lost their only child, Nathan, in an automobile accident at 19 years old. Friends of Nathan Yip was formed in 2012 by a group of Nathan Yip’s peers with the goal of bringing the Nathan Yip Foundation’s message to young professionals in the Denver community. “We felt it was important to get involved in this foundation named for our good friend, Nathan Yip,” said one of the founding members. “It’s been years since Nate died, his spirit and soul have remained with all of us, and we want to help make a difference in our community in Nathan’s honor.”

Money raised by Friends of Nathan Yip stays in Colorado, funding educational opportunities here at home, with a particular emphasis in music education related projects. For more information on the Nathan Yip Foundation, please visit www.nathanyipfoundation.org