Denver Urban Scholars is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping metro Denver students with the greatest need graduate high school and enter higher education with a meaningful life plan for success.  These students are those who have potential, but are at risk of dropping out or getting lost in the current system.  Students who choose to be a part of the program are empowered and inspired to suceed through mentoring, case management, academic support and financial assitance.


In addition to our support of the Nathan Yip Foundation, to honor Nathan Yip's love for music and supporting education needs in our community, Nate's Night provided grants supporting three Denver charities in 2016. 


Swallow Hill Music is a nonprofit community in Denver for musicians and music lovers.  The organization brings people together through its school, outreach program and concerts, and is a home for individuals and families who want to learn about, listen to and perform music.  Each year Swallow Hill Music connects more than 138,000 people to diverse music traditions on stage and in the classroom.